RICI Al Azzaz, is an ISO 17025:2005 certified Laboratory which gives cost-effective civil material testing services in a timely manner to address specific needs of its customer. Over 35 years of our experience put your confidence in us to give you exceptional results.
Civil Material testing is performed on-site and off-site as per the approved procedures developed with respect to the international standards, specification, and regulatory requirements, the testing department amasses widely experienced and competent individuals from the background of Engineering, Geology and Civil. The department further contains skilled, approved and trained technicians who ensure the correct measures are taken in accordance with the job.
Our goal is to become a leader in our respective market by offering our customer the means to be more productive and profitable. Our motto, “Quality Comes First,”is indicative of our belief that RICI Al Azzaz's role on projects continues well after the Material Testing report has been issued, and that we desire to be involved until projects are successfully completed.
RICI Al Azzaz Lab ensures that your construction project is on track to produce safe and reliable results.
We provide cost-effective quality control testing for Earthworks, Concrete, Soil, Aggregate, Asphalt, and Water in accordance with ASTM Standards which includes:
Concrete Testing Service:

  • Sampling & Casting of Concrete Cylinders ASTM C31
  • Sampling & Casting of Concrete Cubes ASTM C 109
  • Slump Measurement ASTM C143
  • Temperature measurements of freshly prepared concrete ASTM C1064
  • Curing of concrete ASTM C 192
  • Capping of concrete cylinders ASTM C617
  • Compressive strength of concrete cylinders
  • Air content of fresh concrete ASTM C 231
  • Air Content & Unit weight ASTM C138
  • Coring RCC
  • Concrete coring without reinforcement
  • Compressive strength of Block I/C Determination of Web & Face
  • Shell thickness weight Etc.

Soil Testing Service:

  • Sieve Analysis of coarse and fine aggregate ASTM C136
  • Percentage of Material passing Sieve 200 ASTM C117
  • Modified Proctor ASTM D 1557
  • Standard Proctor ASTM D 698
  • Minimum & Maximum Index Density ASTM D 4253 & D4254
  • CBR ASTM D1883
  • Field Density Test ASTM D2922 & D 1556
  • Hydrometer Analysis ASTM D422
  • Classification of Soil ASTM D-2487

Aggregate Testing Service:

  • Sieve Analysis of coarse and fine aggregate ASTM C136
  • Percentage of Material passing Sieve 200 ASTM C117
  • Soundness ASTM C88
  • Loss Angles Abrasion Test ASTM C131
  • Specific Gravity & Absorption of Coarse Aggregates ASTM C127
  • Specific Gravity & Absorption of Fine Aggregates ASTM C128
  • Clay lumps & Friable Particles ASTM C142
  • Sand Equivalent Value ASTM
  • Thin & Elongated Pieces ASTM
  • PH Value of Sulphate & Chloride
  • Unit Weight ASTM C29
  • Organic Impurities for Fine Aggregates ASTM C40
  • Chemical Analysis of Sand Blast I/C Loss of ignition
  • Acid Soluble chloride ASTM C114
  • Acid Soluble Sulphates ASTM C114

Asphalt Testing Services:

  • Binder Content & Grading ASTM D2172
  • Gradation on Asphalt aggregate after extraction ASTM C136
  • Viscosity
  • Marshal Test for Density, Stability & Flow & Loss of stability ASTM D 1559
  • Maximum theoretical Specific gravity of bituminous paving mixture ASTM D2041
  • Bulk Specific gravity & Density of compacted bituminous mixture ASTM D2726
  • Penetration ASTM D5
  • Flash & Fire Points ASTM D92
  • Asphalt Sampling at Site ASTM D75
  • Asphalt Coring
  • Density & Thickness of Asphalt cores ASTM D2726
  • Prime coat/Tack Coat Application determination